Digital Brow Mapping Course

[New lessons will be continuously added throughout the weeks]

'Digital consultation and content creation using Procreate'

Does this sound like you?
▶ Tired of taking forever to brow map your clients only to receive negative client feedback? Still struggling to find the right shape for difficult face types? 
▶ Would you like to find a way to practice shaping your client's brows and be able to offer consultation prior to meeting in person? 
▶ Are you a skilled artist looking for a creative way to engage with your clients?
▶ Are you looking for alternative methods or strategies to MARKET your business? Desire to create engaging content and capture your audience that could potentially convert into customer sales?

Too much resistance from your client in the mapping part of the appointment can be discouraging even turning an artist into giving up the craft. Or you can be good at your craft but you feel like your artistry is not being shown in its fullest potential.

The solution:
Before you give up on these client resistances, try this - DIGITAL MAPPING.

⚫️ Be ready for every appointment before the appointment. Create efficiency and accuracy in your brow design because you customized their brow design before the appointment.
⚫️ Leverage this skill to close bookings when you can show what you can do for them.
⚫️ The course will teach you how to enhance the client experience and potentially lead to additional cross-selling opportunities (ie..pre-consultation digital brow map
⚫️ Remain competitive by using digital mapping in your marketing.  Attract new clients and generate interest.

What's In The Course?
✅ How to offer digital mapping as client consultations
✅ How to use Procreate on iPad
✅ My Favorite Procreate brushes and settings
✅ Creating the brow grid
✅ Create realistic ombre powder drawings (multiple ways)
✅ Create realistic hair stroke drawings
✅ Map with me, Interactive Practice
✅ Create brow shape practice sheets
✅ Other applications in your business
BONUS- Brow Stamps, TBA

Digital art is a powerful tool that allows PMU artists to showcase their artistry and attract larger audiences, among those who are interested in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

My course will include various topics such as 1) step-by-step instructions on how to discuss client digital mapping consultation with downloadable PDF sheets. 2) an in-depth tutorial on using my specific tool brush customizations using Procreate on your iPad. The library of information using Procreate on the market does not cater specifically to brow design which differentiates this course. 3) Create shaping practice sheets and graphic designs to use for your business

The creation of this course was motivated by the fact that there are slow growth times throughout the season, and artists shouldn't have to suffer a gap in their income when they can leverage their existing skills creatively while reaching people worldwide. I hope to urge artists into the digital world to diversify their income and adapt to industry changes due to technological advancements. Embracing digital tools and platforms allows artists to adapt to changes, stay relevant, and remain competitive. 

**You need an iPad to learn the course and you will be using Procreate from the app store (there is a one-time fee to purchase the program)**

**This is NOT a detailed course on how to brow map. You should have a basic understanding of how to map brows. If you want to learn the fundamental steps of brow mapping, purchase or bundle my how-to 'BROW DESIGN ebook'.**

What Our Viewers Are Saying so Far::

It’s probably the best digital course I have ever taken!! It’s full of information and details, but everything was made so easy to follow especially for someone who struggles with technology 😅. The way you teach this online course is exactly how I picture you would be teaching it in person! After taking a few in person trainings with you I feel like this online course was very close to your in person teaching structure, which is what I like the most!


Cat! OMFG if I would have had this back when I started I would have saved so much more time mapping my clients! | love the ease of this course and how you talk about being prepared BEFORE the appointment! This helps so much with clients who want to know of their shape before the appointment too! Not to mention viral content ideas with this information! 10/10 will be recommending this to my students but even as a seasoned artist I learn so much from you! Thanks again


Hi! I really enjoyed and appreciate you taking the time to do the breakdown, explaining and showing samples of how to use everything in your mapping course! 🙏💕 It's so helpful and really amazing! I've only messed with it for only an hour but I will be on it all of next week and going forward 🥰


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